We are a venture fund focused on investing in early-stage, promising start-ups founded or led by Bain alumni.

We sit within Bain’s Engine 2 venture portfolio and are backed by Bain & Company and its partners who believe that our alumni are building the companies of the future. We look for opportunities in a wide range of industries and geographies so if you are a Bain alum building something exciting, we’d love to hear about it.

Our fund leadership

Our broader team

FBV Investment Committee

A small group of start-up oriented Bain Senior Partners are actively involved in the operations and success of Future Back Ventures

Bain & Company Partners around the globe

Bain Partners are our LPs, industry experts, portfolio company champions, connectors and advisors

Bain Engine 2 Ventures

We are one of a handful of "beyond the core" ventures within Bain's Engine 2 which aims to build and support Bain's next-generation businesses

Bain Alumni Community

Panels of accomplished Bain alumni across a range of industries are eager to help support our portfolio companies

Bain Externs

We aim to arm our portfolio companies with one of our secret weapons: Bain externs

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